Ladies! Ready to settle down? Think again.

So you’re in a new relationship and you really like this guy.
He seems totally normal and you are totally attracted to him.
You day dream about getting married one day and having babies with him.
What your children will look like and the kind of marital home you will share, What kind of spouse and parent you will be and what kind of spouse and parent he will be.

The more you think about it, the more you want it and all too suddenly, you think why not?
There is no right time to have children or get married or buy a home together is there?
Everyone is doing it!

Lots of young women and women in relationships get into this way of thinking when something is relatively new and exciting.
All reason is lost and cloud nine is so high up, the altitude is making you dizzy!

But stop!

Think about your career, your family, your friends, your individual life!

Have you done everything you dreamed of doing before settling down?

Have you travelled to the furthest reaches of the world, if that’s what you have dreamed of?
Did you go on that weekend spa trip with your best girl pals to celebrate your freedom and your life?
Have you created the life that you want as an individual yet?
Have you experienced all your highest hopes and wildest dreams?

You may believe that in fact, your new man will be able to enjoy all of your dreams with you.
But wait, who’s dreams are they?
This really cool and attractive guy has a set of his own dreams too and if his are different to yours, you can wave bye bye to inviting him to your girls spa weekend!

Nowadays, the divorce rate is extremely high and the amount of children living in single parent homes is a big number.
Not to mention the fact that women are being forced to live in house shares and struggling to make ends meet because after divorce, they couldn’t afford to keep themselves or their children.
It’s a sad truth to the world we live in today.

Is this the man you really want to spend the rest of your life with?
Is this the last man you want to ever kiss or feel romanced by?

To be able to make any sense of the facts, is to accept that the reason the divorce rate is so high and so many children are living in single parent homes and innocent people are struggling to afford living is probably because there are individuals out there who believe there is no right time for anything and getting married and having kids is what everyone does so why don’t we do it?

Actually, you have a choice and your own mind.
We all have a choice.

What will be yours?


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