Insomnia. Can’t sleep at night? Join the club!

Oh, its bedtime.
The time has come again.
The big question: Will I sleep tonight?

Insomnia has been a part of my life since I was a very young girl
And since then, it has grown with me.

Believe me when I say, only insomniacs can fully appreciate a night of undisturbed sleep.
It seems like the rest of the population, who fall asleep when there head hits the pillow and wake only when the sun rises, take a good nights rest for granted these days.

Every night, I have trouble falling asleep.
Ideas are constantly racing through my mind, thoughts, memories and it seems impossible to stop them, to block them out and forget about them.
Then, when I have fallen asleep, usually around an hour and a half after going to bed, I get a good three or four hours respite before my eyes pop open again.
By this time, it is usually around 3 or 4am.
That’s when the ideas and the thoughts and the memories return to invade once again.
And sleep, has then evicted itself for the night.

Their are lots of techniques out there that can help to fall asleep quicker and easier and help you to get a long peaceful nights sleep.

Some of these include,

Not drinking caffeine after 2pm

Taking regular exercise

Setting a consistent bedtime routine

And finally, turning off bright lights before bedtime and settling down to read a book and calm yourself down.

Personally, I need a cup of tea at 6pm when I get in from work, but I do take regular exercise almost every day, I usually always settle into bed an hour prior to going to sleep just to catch up with myself and I don’t keep bright lights on and usually write down my worries or read before I decide to go to sleep.

And I still can’t sleep.
So what’s that about?
That’s sucks right?


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