Life is 100,000,000 million times better when you’re laughing.

Life is a hundred million times better when you’re laughing.


Because you are doing something which you love.
Which you’re passionate about.
Having fun.

We all want to have fun right?
And when you’re doing more of that, life is less like a chore and more like a blessing.

In terms of career and work and creating an income,
How can you make money by doing what you love?

In terms of a relationship,
How can you better your relationship by doing what you love?

In terms of family,
How can you be there for them by doing what you love?

These questions all heed great answers don’t they.
But it’s hard to make money doing something you love.
It’s just not that easy…right?

You know what, if you love doing something, do it!
Do it as much or as little as you want to regardless of how much money it brings.

And in the end, when you’re having fun and doing what you love, others see that too and infinitesimally want a piece of that, increasing your chances of greater income and giving you the life you want.

Start today.

God bless 😊
Keep going!!


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