Littlest pleasures in life

Everybody who has ever lived has known some kind of pleasure, no matter how great or small.
Here are some of the things that bring us a little piece of ecstasy every day.

Spreading out starfish in a big bed!
I don’t know about you but I just love the feeling of jumping into bed, and spreading out starfish style. It feels so good and the freshness and coldness of the bed gives me a buzz through my entire body.
Can’t beat that feeling.

Spending quality time with someone you love
What is more enjoyable and pleasant than spending quality time with someone you really love? Be it your mum, your sibling, your grandparent, your lover, your best friend even.
And when I say quality, I mean the kind of time spent doing something meaningful to both of you.
For me, my partner and I both enjoy snuggling down, watching movies on the sofa. I love going for walks with my little brother and I really enjoy having meaningful conversations with my nan.
It is also important for me, as an individual, to create quality time to spend with myself. For example, I will go to a yoga class or write in my journal or take a long hot steamy bath. Because it’s important to me, to make time for me.

Waking up without the alarm going off after a long restful sleep.
Oh that feeling! That feeling!
You know how it feels on a Saturday morning, after five long tiresome days of being literally forced out of bed by the alarm clock at 6am, to wake of your own accord in your big comfy warm and snuggly bed without that harsh beeping sound violating your ears.
That feeling is worth living for!

That feeling you get when you jump into a steamy hot bath after a stressful day.
(Let me rephrase-steamy hot bath that doesn’t burn when you jump in!)
It’s been a long day.
The boss is getting up your arse about how you’re lacking
Your mum called asking when you’re coming over for dinner again
Your best friend wants your advice on her latest lover
And your brother wants a loan to invest in the latest fashionable death trap.
There is only one solution to the hustle and bustle of this crazy life.
That’s right! Jump in the bath!
The feeling you get, that “and release, and breathe” feeling cannot be replaced with any other I know of.
Feeling stressed? You know what to do.

Eating warm food and taking warm drinks after coming in from the cold.
Ooohhhh remember those days that were snowed on and you couldn’t get to work so you went outside and played instead?
How could you forget?
That biting wind that sealed your extremities in a layer of frost?
Remember coming inside, stripping off your wet clothes, sitting down by the warmest place you could find with your soup and your tea?
Ahhh what bliss! The feeling of warmth running through your body again.

Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin on a hot summers day 🙂
Ahhh the feeling of summer is nearby indeed.

A certain smell that reminds you of old times or old memories.
For me, the most potent scent I have ever come across and have only come across once since the last time I smelt it, is my grandfathers cigars.
What an amazing smell!

A small baby in your arms 🙂
Again this is one to tug at your heart strings.
That maternal feeling I get when I hold a little baby in my arms is unlike any other feeling I know.
It’s crazy but it’s there.
I can’t wait to have my own little family 🙂

Fresh open air!
When you go outside into the open after a long time shut away indoors and that long breath of cold fresh air invades your body.
It’s amazing isn’t it!

Candlelight is an amazing source of calm.
You may not know it yet but lighting really affects your mood.
Bright and harsh lighting can make you feel alert and exactly that, harsh.
Soft and calm lighting makes you feel calm and sensible and sensitive and happy 🙂

The feeling of accomplishing something!
So you’ve just finished the book you’ve been reading forever or you’ve just graduated from university!
No matter how big or small your accomplishment is, celebrate it!
Acknowledge that you have worked hard to get where you are because that feeling of greater understanding, of growth and gain is a feeling that should be and can be cherished over and over again 🙂 never get tired of accomplishing things 🙂

One word: PARTY!!!!!
Everyone loves a party.
When you can let your hair down, wear something really daring, get drunker than your aunt and dance in weird ways that you don’t really care about anymore.
The feeling of being able to do that and to have a good time is sweet.
Go out there, look for your party!!

Last but NOT LEAST
Receiving love and giving love.
For those of you who have families and have happiness and have gratitude and all of those wonderful things in your life, you will know the special feeling of giving love and getting it back in return.
Whether it’s with your best friend, from your baby son or daughter, your partner or wife or husband or your mum or dad.
Keep loving 🙂


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