Art: what is it?

What is art?
What is in art?

I see beautiful stretches of ink and pencil, lines, circles, shapes that have no real meaning in my life, until I look at this picture, this piece of art.

I see passion.
A person, a human being, has put every ounce of passion within their being, into making this piece of art the best that they could ever possibly deliver.

It is thrilling.
It is inspiring.
It is beautiful.

The shade on the face, the long strokes of hair, the defined jaw line and the piercing eyes.
A portrait made with love and passion.

To the world, it is just a drawing. A sketch.
To me, it is the product of amazing, inspiring, passionate love.

The piece of art you see, is a sketch of myself.
It was gifted to me by somebody I love dearly, who also happens to be a budding artist.

I believe their is love of art within everyone.
Whether you love the art of dance, music, writing, photography, acting, it is your choice.
But, let your love for art be free and unrelenting.
And happiness will find you.

Sketch courtesy of Lewis Chudasama.


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