Society, stop hating and start caring!

More and more we are all hearing about the giant numbers of people unemployed around the country.
And more and more, we are hearing about how unemployed people are taking advantage of the state by taking their monetary benefits.

You full time workers may know these people as, those who “sponge off” of us taxpayers.

All too often, I hear a lot of people talking in a very negative way of unemployment and those who take state benefits.

“These people living off of the state are losers and wastes of space
Why don’t they get a real job?
Because they’re lazy!”

I’m not here to tell anybody what to believe or to tell anybody that they are right or that they are wrong.

But after seeing and meeting some of the people who live off of state benefits, I believe that I should share this with you.

Some of these people, are women, young and old, and men, poor and dirty.

Society looks down at these people, because that is the thing to do.
That’s what some “tough workers” do “because they have authoritative rule over these people seeing as they pay their taxes in for others to live, sitting around all day doing nothing.”

The fact is, and what you don’t see is, that some of these women and men have dreams.
They want to find employment. They want to live the lives that they are seeking for themselves.

Granted, we all know that their are people out their in our country, who choose to take state benefit because they “can’t be bothered” to bust a gut and work for their bread.
These people who don’t live truly will meet their end eventually.

But the other half of this community have dreams, and they are real people with real lives.
These young women want to be someone when they grow up.
These men want to leave a legacy for their children and their grandchildren.

When talking to one of these people, they told me that
“society looks down on me because I take money from the government to live on and because of this, I don’t feel good about myself. I have always dreamed of being an air stewardess, to fly around the world and see all the different places but no one will take me on”

As a person who is seeking another income, I know how hard it is to ace an interview.
I have been turned down from so many, that I have lost count.
We all know how hard it is.
We all know how it feels to be turned down when you have tried so hard.

So why can’t society sympathise?
Do they feel bitter that other people are taking their taxes to live on and they are missing out on a portion of their cash?
Is that such a bad thing anyway?
Is greed so prominent in society today that we can’t share with the needy?
And if we are forced to share, do we have to be bitter about it and hate those who take?
Would you rather see these people sleeping on streets in the cold?
Would you rather let them go hunting through your bins for leftover food?

My name is Beth.
I live in a rented room.
I own a car.
I work part time.
I pay for everything I own.
I have wonderful people around me.
I have time to be who I am.
I have the opportunity to grow and to learn.
As an individual, I consider myself very wealthy. I feel very rich.

And it is my personal belief, to share with others, to be there for the needy.
I would rather pay my taxes to see someone else eat than to feed my own gut with greed and selfishness.

After all, would you see your daughter on the street scavenging for her next meal?
Your son, dirty and with no clean clothes?

Some people will be quick to say “oh they did it to themselves”
Does that mean we shouldn’t help them?
Do you walk on by when you see people sleeping in doorways?

Society, when did you stop caring?
Why did you stop caring?

As for you, individual, when you see someone in need, be the light in their world.
Help them. Support them. Do something for them.
Because you are much richer and wealthier than they are and they need inspirational friends like you.
You can share an amazing gift today, if you only will.


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