Moon, stars…and something to remember

I remember, being a little girl and staying up late at night with my parents.
I remember, going outside with them and being swooped up into my mum’s arms.
She told me “look at all the stars, aren’t they beautiful!”
And she sang “twinkle twinkle little star” to me.

Since then, I have held the stars and the moon, in the highest regard.

Every night, just by chance, I look out into the night sky, wondering if the stars are out.

Just lately, due to the skies being clearer and less cloudy, I have noticed more and more stars, and without fail, each night, I have seen the moon shining so brightly in the sky that the light shines through my curtains and illuminates my bedroom in the most spectacular of ways.
Better than candlelight.
More magical than daylight.

I love it so, looking at which one star shines the brightest, which shines the smallest and which star is the biggest.
I love it so, to look at the moon and tell what shape it is, to know how bright it is and how big it is.

I have promised myself, that this year, I will do more stargazing than I ever have before.

It is my intention, upon a warm night, to grab our friends, blankets and chairs, light a fire in the pit, take our bottles of wine with us and our mallows and our toasts and our teas, and relax, laugh and reminisce together whilst we watch the sky, the stars and the moon.
That is going to be a memory to remember.


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