Boeing 777: Flight 370

Early this morning, I found myself looking out of my bedroom window, into the night sky.

I gazed at the moon, in all it’s brightness and splendour, and I looked at the stars and thought how pretty they were.

I heard the aeroplanes fly over several times during the night and It was enough to keep me awake.

Just recently, all we have heard about is the disappearance of the aircraft “Boeing 777: Flight 370”.
And then I found myself wondering, where is that plane?
Where are those innocent people?
What’s happened to them?

It’s been a week and a day since the flight went off the grid.
Are they without food and water?
Do they have no shelter?
How are they surviving?
Are any of them hurt?
Are they even alive?

Harsh questions, but questions that need to be asked, all the same.

I am hearing a lot of news reports that just say the same things over and over, or rather conspiring stories about what may have happened to the plane and it’s passengers.

And I see, that we are no where nearer to finding those hundreds of people, cut off from their families, living in fear, for God knows how long.

God bless you passengers of Flight 370.
May you return home to us soon, safe and sound.


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