The fine line in a relationship.

So, this guy you’ve been seeing, is adorable.

He’s funny and sexy and quirky and all things amazing!

You have to make the best impression possible if you want to keep him right?

You wear make up at all times. Always have your hair done. You’re always wearing your best clothes around him and being as polite as humanly possible so he doesn’t get the wrong idea about your personality.

But what about in five years time, when you are possibly living together, sleeping next to each other, spending every waking moment with each other?!

Could you really keep up the pretence for the rest of your life?
Trust me girls, I have been there.

Consider this ladies.

In a healthy relationship, it is believed that one must not try to be someone or something that they are not.

I know, I know.

Many of us have fallen into this trap long before, and it’s almost dead certain that this will continue to happen long after.

If this ideal is you, beware that there is a line in your relationship.
When you cross that line, you will not give a pigeon what that sexy, funny, amazing man thinks of you in your sweats, “hair tied, chillin’ with no make up on!”

You’ll be strutting around in your baggiest jumper, your most comfortable sweatpants and the geeky socks you just can’t resist wearing.

That’s right.
The time will come when you must give up wearing make up all night long.
Washing your hair every day.
Plucking your brows to perfection.

Your funny, sexy and amazing man, doesn’t really care if you have a spot, unconcealed, right in the middle of your forehead.
He probably will point it out, but he doesn’t mind.
He doesn’t care if your legs are a little bit prickly, the day after “shave day”.
Again, he will probably point this out and if he is a nice man, he will probably tell you that he doesn’t care.
Because men know, nothing will ever be perfect.

I’m sorry ladies, but it’s true.
We can never be perfect!

Anyway, what about his annoying nasal hairs?
His hairy toes?
His bushy brows?
His icky toes?

Never mind.
My point is, in order to love your man, you have to love yourself.
And you have to be yourself. Every single part of your wonderful and lovely and weird, quirky self.
After all, we want him to fall in love with the real you, not the fake you.

God bless.


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