Writing Challenge: Writerly Reflections

My journey into the big world of writing first came about a short while ago.
I had been stuck in a job I hated for years and after a bout of depression, I threw in the towel and upon healing myself, I discovered a skill I had always had, but never utilised.

Growing up in the nineties, I loved the classics of the day.
“We’re going on a bear hunt”, “The tiger who came to tea”, “Where’s Wally?”, “Winnie The Pooh” and of course, “Find piglet”.
As time passed and I grew older, my literary tastes evolved and soon enough I was reading more advanced stories, such as “Harry Potter” and “Northern Lights”.
Soon enough, I was onto the classics such as “Villette”, “Crime and Punishment”, “War and Peace”, “Jane Eyre” and my all-time favourite, “Wuthering Heights”.
As a reader, I am very acclimatised to the Bronte sisters works, minimal as they are, but the stories capture my mind and enchant my world. I sometimes find it hard to adapt to other’s writing styles, from Bronte’s personal intimacy with the reader, to Tolstoy’s technicalities and formal opinions.

When I was ten years old, my parents bought me a typewriter for my birthday and my chief enjoyment from then on was to slide in a sheet of paper and just type away, listening to the “clink-clink” of the keys.
I would write about anything and everything and I especially loved keeping facts.
I once grabbed a folder, researched every breed of cat on the internet, wrote about it and filed away for future amusement.

I was the child, who kept everything secret to myself, for fear of others laughing at my works, as was likely in my rather large family of 6.

As an aspiring writer, just starting out on my exciting new journey, I hope to write books and guides, around self help, life issues, and stories concocted from my wildest dreams. I want to become a published author. Being known worldwide is of little importance to me, but to know that I did some good for someone’s life, is all I ask for in my picture of success.

I write every day, even if it just notes down what I need at the local grocery store or an appointment I must remember.
I keep a personal journal where I unload my mind’s worries and stresses, the things I have done and the things I wish to do and that helps me to decipher what’s really going on in my head, underneath all the mumble jumble.
When I write, it does not feel like work, rather it feels like having a conversation, but I am using my fingers instead of my voice.

I write to inspire, to support, to guide, and to practice.
What keeps me writing is the fact that, I can never fail, only I can try again and be better next time.

Try this writing challenge for yourself!


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