Welcome: A new era of getting rid of body hair

After meeting the girl with the most glowingest skin I have ever ever seen, and after my my quest to find out her divine skin secrets, I have been up to no good again.

This time, I am conquering the ultimate enemy. Unwanted body hair!

I have literally been stalking Pinterest posts all week searching for secrets unknown to the rest of femininity and I have finally found the answer.

Girls, do you want soft and smooth legs? No prickly bits and less effort to put in?

Then your answer is right below.

Shave your legs with baby oil!

It works a treat! Iv tested it several times and my legs are sticks of smooth softness and they’re really getting a good moisturiser out of the oil.

I always wash with shower gel afterwards using the baby oil, just to get off any residue and leave a pleasant smell behind.

Try it for yourself! Trust me, you can thank me later.

Please like, comment and share.

God bless


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