Photography Challenge: Day 4- Something Green

I spent a lot of time racking my brains for something cool, something quirky, something creative to snap and publish on the photography challenge today.

Well, after a long car journey and some crappy photos, I went home.

I thought about arranging salad leaves into a sign that says ‘Green’.
My boyfriend suggested that I paint him green, so he can live his dream of becoming the hulk.

Later on, I went into the garden.
I was just casually trotting across the garden, walking around looking at the different plants when these two little daisies caught my eye.

I thought “huh, that’s a good shot”. I grabbed my camera and snapped it.
Out of all of the green photos I took, this is by far the best one.

So my hunt for something green wasn’t as adventurous as I’d hoped it would be but in the end, I came out with something much better, something that speaks to me, something that explains me.

It is simple, and that’s just the way I like it.


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