How to write a great blog article

As a proud lifestyle blogger, a writer and an author, I have the experience in writing articles that attract, enlighten, inspire and most importantly, poke fun.

A lot of great writers will tell you that to be a great writer, you have to read a lot, and while I agree with this, for the simple fact that it brings new creative ideas to light, I also advocate that there are other things you have to add to the mix in order to be seen and to be heard by your community of readers.

I read a lot of literature and am constantly reading news updates, tweets, emails and Facebook statuses.
I have a lot of creative ideas and most of them come to me in the most awkward of moments.
The best lines come into my head but at that time, I can’t always sit down and write it out, which is frustrating but I can’t ignore the people in my life more than I already do.

So, my solution to the problem is to write down the topic, the amazing lines I want to be seen and leave it for the next day when I can write as freely and for as long as I want to.

It’s great! I can store my ideas whilst also having real fun in real life.

However, the solution I came up with sucks. I mean it literally sucks.

Il sit down the next day, ready to type away my thoughts and feelings, only to find that the buzz has gone.

For example, I recently came across an inspirational quote on my personal Facebook page ( about a well known supposedly powerful woman named Sacajawea.

Being a home bred Brit, I thought “huh that’s cool. I wonder what Sacajawea is like”.
Instantly, I was hooked on finding out who this woman was and what she had done that made her so supposedly amazing and wonderful.
I researched and I took notes. It was late and I told myself, “hey, it’s okay, we can write this up tomorrow”.

Today, is tomorrow.
I have begun writing my post on Sacajawea.
It sounds something like this…’Sacajawea was born in 1788 and is best known for her assistance in the Lewis and Clark expedition’.


Even as I am writing the words, my mind is screaming at me “God damn, you have to do something to spice this up girl!”
But my buzz has vanished, gone, disappeared.

Do you want to write a good blog post?
My advice to you, is read a lot of words and when you get the great ideas, write them down, write everything you want to say, exactly in that moment, as it is, right there and then.
That’s what makes a good blog post.


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