Personal Freedom in 2014: Why you are entitled to it.

That picture? Yep, she’s naked.

Cheap shot? Maybe.

But behind the photo of that naked butt, is a reason for the photo of that naked butt.

You see, I am 21 years old.
I have been raised by a generation who have told me to get a job, follow the rules, don’t smoke or drink and don’t be a whore. They have practically made it easy for us all to rebel against the rules, because the struggle to be perfect and never break rules is simply unattainable.

Is it any wonder why Miley Cyrus spends her spare time swinging naked on a wrecking ball?

In an age where things aren’t so tough nowadays, and where we can all pretty much do whatever we want, when we want, it’s pretty hard to say “yeah mum, yeah dad, I’m going to get a job and go to work and be a good girl!”, when in reality, any and all of us can head to parties every night, travel the world on a budget, learn whatever we want and pick any career regardless of what the world thinks of it.

Even prostitution or ‘escorting’ is becoming widely considered a normal profession these days, though it was once considered the worst thing to do in the entire world.
The public used to look down at escorts and prostitutes because of the work they did.
Nowadays, I find myself shaking hands with women who tour the country offering their vaginas for rent, making a business and career out of their bodies, earning hundreds of thousands of pounds.
These aren’t ordinary desperate women looking for a way to pay the rent.
These are business minded women and as simple and plain as my life is, I actually find myself admiring these women for their courage, their business strategies and their desire to live a free life.

In my personal opinion, I love the fact that the world is becoming a place where we can talk about everything and anything.
Sex? No problem!
Homosexuality? No problem!
Drugs? Hey, no problem!

The world is becoming a place where we can all live free lives and we can live as abundantly as we want to.
If you want to work from anywhere in the world, you can do that!
If you want to work 9-5, you can do that too!
If you want to be a millionaire, you can do it!

The world is your own oyster and you can do with it, whatever the hell you want to do with it.

Isn’t it amazing? šŸ˜€

So yeah, this is my way of saying, “I AM FREE!”

I am free from worrying about what my weight is.
I am free from worrying about money.
I am free from worrying about who hates me.
I am free from being told what to do.

Finally, I am my own boss.
Finally, I can work on the beach, from my sun bed, with a cocktail in one hand and the iPad in the other.
Finally, I can be a success.

Finally, I am free.


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