Photography Challenge: Day 10- Childhood Memory

Okay, so maybe this challenge is getting a little less about photography and a lot more personal.

In this very badly taken photo of photos, you will see a photo of my mother at the top.

This photo was taken a very long time ago, when I dare say, she was happy.
It is my favourite photo of her.
She has been through a lot of turmoil in her life and her smile has gradually turned into a frown over the years.
That is why I treasure the memory of her smile so much.

The photo below is of me and my siblings when I was a little girl!
There are four of us here, but one more child has been added to the mix since then.
In this particular photo, I hadn’t started primary school yet. I was in pre-school and so was sent to have a photo taken with my brothers and sister.

I am the little blondie second from the right, leaning against my oldest and biggest brother.
Yes, I am frowning. I remember how scared I felt sitting in front of that strange person with their big camera.
I lent against my oldest brother for protection and I couldn’t smile or enjoy the experience.
I was so shy as a little girl.

Well, there it is, a childhood memory.

What childhood memory do you remember the most?
Let me know.

God bless


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