On a personal note: Love

How can I be mad at him when he is staring at me straight in the face?

I console myself in thinking, that every time we fight and argue against each other, we are learning something new about each other, and will get on better the next time.

I feel lost like Juliet and poetic like Romeo.

When he is apart from me, I hate him. I loathe his very being and his resolve to stay away from me. I fight him some more, just to show him how hurt I am inside.

Yet, even when we are together, we do exactly as he wants and exactly as he likes.
When I become too much of a burden, I am cast off, by injection of small hints and conversation about how we should do as we please but cannot in front of guests, such as myself.

I see my flaws and I see his flaws.

Love is too strong.
Love hurts too much.
Love is painful.

I refuse to give up on someone who has brought so much joy and happiness and love to my life and my soul.

How could I cast off my only true friend?
My only lover? The one who has vowed to stay by my side forever.

Can I see the future, in which he stands by my side?
Not at the moment.

I see clouds hiding the sunlight from me.
My favourite thing in the world, hidden away from my eyes.

I wish I could see the sun again.


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