New day, New challenge 👍🏼

So, here it is. 

After great success with my first ever self-published book, Life Lessons from a 21 year old (available on Kindle), it’s time I kicked myself up the butt and started working towards a new goal.

I’m currently in the middle of planning and organising my wedding to my beautiful fiancé which is due to take place in April 2016 in the also very beautiful caribbean island of St. Lucia, amongst other travel and work commitments.

Still, it’s no excuse to lay idle when their is much work to be done. 

So in short, here is my new 30 day writing challenge to get me back into the swing of things and back to having a fighting fit writing mojo to hand! 

What are you challenging yourself to today?

Comment below ❤️

Stay blessed



Why I decided to sellotape ugly pieces of paper to my bedroom wall

Tonight I wrote down 10 affirmations on paper, cut them out and sellotaped them to my bedroom wall.


Because, well, it’s January 2015 and I need a little pick me up to keep me going.

But the point is, with all the negativity going on in the world, the terror attacks, the murders, the harm and the abuse, and the ever increasing need for all individuals to keep their heads above water, it leads me to believe that we all need to save ourselves…before we can save anyone else.

With the pressures of the world getting me down, and the role I play in being there for others during tough times, its essential to keep my mind in great shape, so that I can continue to do the work that I love.

Can you relate?

Goodbye 2014!

Well, well, well. Another year gone by. Another year older, wiser.
Lessons learned and taxes paid.

The only way I can sum up the year is by saying, “what a rollercoaster”, never had it so crazy!

Hopefully 2015 will bring us all love, success, joy and happiness.

Happy new year everybody!
From us.

Expect to see more of me in 2015.
See you then!


Shit My Family Says, Round 3

We Don't Chew Glass

So, you know how after you have kids, you spend countless hours teaching them right from wrong and how to behave and grow into healthy, contributing members of society? And then you take them out in public and in less than 5 seconds they can make you look like a complete asshat or worse?

That happens a lot around here.

My daughter is 5 and she’s having some trouble separating what is real from what is imaginary.  And by “having trouble,” I mean she’s a little liar.

I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

Kind of.

I don’t think she means to be naughty; in fact, I’m pretty sure she’s trying to be funny. We’re a jokey bunch, so that’s not surprising. But she doesn’t get jokes yet. At least, not how to tell them.

A knock-knock joke from this kid can last an hour. Then you get to the end and of course it’s not funny, but you laugh…

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A new era

Time has passed since I last wrote to you all and for you all.

I must admit, it’s been hard to find the right time, in between my new job, dealing with my mental illness, my emotions, my physical health, managing finances and trying to have fun in between.

I found a job working part time, and whilst it’s not fulfilling my dreams of living my best life possible, it’s helping to pay my bills, keep my mind occupied, and also most importantly, to help someone else.

I came across an online course titled ‘Interior Design’ and because I have always loved decorating and have previously thought about a career in such a field, I decided to take a risk and jump in.
Needless to say, I have loved every minute of studying and reading and researching.
I still have a lot of course work to submit, but it am determined to get it done.
Still, I am bearing in mind that even this may not hold the key to my dreams, but it’s definitely worth the effort and the try.
What I am enjoying most about it is that, I am already thinking like a professional, analysing the characteristics of interiors and visualising changes I personally would make.

My beloved Lew and I recently went to the one and only fabulous Brighton for the ‘foodies festival’ which was amazing!
On return from that most wonderful day out, we decided that it should be time for us to book a real break, a proper holiday.
After much deliberation and organising of appointments etc etc, we decided on a luxurious break in Portugal.
A 5 star couples only kinda break.
It will be my first taste of real luxury abroad and I am so looking forward to another break from everything.

This year has been topsy turvy without a doubt so far, after my diagnosis of depression and PTSD, if it has taught me anything, it’s that looking after myself is of paramount importance.

We fly out next week and I will probably be away for a while, so until then my friends and followers.

Much love and take care of yourselves


Top 5 annoying things on Twitter #ShutUp!

Since recently opening my very first Twitter account, I have become the Twitter addict. #Amazeballs!
I love Twitter right now and it’s great for growing businesses and networking in the online world.
But there are a few things that really get on my nut and get me all hyped up and make me write articles about how annoying it is.

Here, I am going to share with you, my top 5 most annoying things on Twitter. #HashTagWhat?

1. When you see high school kids talking about “you haven’t got a job because you left school without grades or a degree-stupid dumb ass!”

I just want to point out that even I left school without grades or a degree under my belt. While it’s great to do well in school, if a young person doesn’t do well in school it doesn’t mean that it’s the “be all and end all”, that their life is over.
Some of the greatest people you see left school without grades or anything and are now multi-million dollar making modules of success.
Don’t rely on school, kids!
It’s such a ridiculous assumption to make and it really angers me so if you could just stop believing that, it would be great.

2. Photos of naked women
This is a big issue on Twitter.
Hello, where are the naked man photos?
And the caption underneath which reads, ” damn, she’s got some cow titties”.
Yes, it is funny. But, it is disgraceful.
Let’s be real here, when did it become acceptable to post photos of naked women on our timelines, depicting and commenting on the shape of their bodies?
When will people ever accept that everyone is different but unique in their own way and no one, absolutely no one deserves to be discriminated against in such a horrific and disgusting way.
Ladies, if you want to send naked photos to a guy, make sure he’s the one for you first and that he’s not going to mess you around.
You can do this by doing a little something I like to call, WAITING. Remember to respect yourselves, because no one else is going to do it for you.
Men (notice that I didn’t use gentlemen in this instance), have a little decorum.
When you post those photos, no sane woman is going to look at that and think “hey that’s attractive, why don’t we go on a date with this guy?”.
In fact, it is disgusting, repelling and says more about you as an individual than anything else. #Sicko!

3. Racial or any other kind of discrimination
This is one of the main reasons as to why I personally ‘unfollow’ people on Twitter, because the one thing I pride myself on, is sending out an inspiring and hopeful message and the one thing I despise and loathe, is discrimination in any shape or form whatsoever.
For example, if you’re going to tweet “that girl so fat and ugly, that guy looks too white, that girl is so ratchet, that child needs to go on a diet, that b**** too black” then I can assure you that I WILL NOT be doing business with you, I WILL NOT be sending out your message to others and I MOST CERTAINLY will be deleting you from my ‘Followers’ list.
People, this is 2014. Isn’t it about time that we stopped hating on human beings as they are and started hating on wrongful messages and actions?

4. Direct Messages from random people saying “Hey baby, how’s your day going?”
When you click on their profile, you see that they have little to no followers and they’re profile picture is of a guy with extremely protruding eyeballs.
It’s just weird.
Please stop.

5. Those ‘people’ who follow you promising to make you a million dollars in six months
Look, I am not going to allow you to make money from me okay?
If I do your dirty work, you get paid, and I get-pennies. No way, Jose. Not going to fly.
So, no I don’t want to follow you.
No, I don’t want to subscribe to your newsletter.
No, I do not want to buy your package which is going to show me how to make money.
I know how to do it already!

Agh, vent over!

On a personal note: Love

How can I be mad at him when he is staring at me straight in the face?

I console myself in thinking, that every time we fight and argue against each other, we are learning something new about each other, and will get on better the next time.

I feel lost like Juliet and poetic like Romeo.

When he is apart from me, I hate him. I loathe his very being and his resolve to stay away from me. I fight him some more, just to show him how hurt I am inside.

Yet, even when we are together, we do exactly as he wants and exactly as he likes.
When I become too much of a burden, I am cast off, by injection of small hints and conversation about how we should do as we please but cannot in front of guests, such as myself.

I see my flaws and I see his flaws.

Love is too strong.
Love hurts too much.
Love is painful.

I refuse to give up on someone who has brought so much joy and happiness and love to my life and my soul.

How could I cast off my only true friend?
My only lover? The one who has vowed to stay by my side forever.

Can I see the future, in which he stands by my side?
Not at the moment.

I see clouds hiding the sunlight from me.
My favourite thing in the world, hidden away from my eyes.

I wish I could see the sun again.

McDonalds, Chocolate, alcohol and the 7 minute workout: Why you should never try this at home

I’m just going to throw it out there.

My partner and I had a massive fight tonight and yes, the situation saw me grab the chocolates, empty the alcohol cabinet and eat McDonalds for dinner.

Following this, I felt disgusting.
So, I decided to make my bloated and tipsy self feel better by doing “The 7 minute workout” (available for free on the App Store)

It started out with jumping jacks and crunches, followed by press-ups, squats, lunges, high knees running in place and ended with the plank, press-ups with side rotation and step ups.

When the timer hit 7:00, I fell into a sweaty heap on the floor, forced back the approaching vomit and made an instant vow never to drink or eat bad food again.

Needless to say, vow broken already.

But what I must tell you, is that if you’re ever thinking of doing this at home, I implore you to think first!
It was definitely a bad idea and my stomach still hurts from the bloated crunches I tried to perform on my living room floor.

In future, take it easy and don’t fill your body with bad foods and drink!

10 things to do when you’re so sad and have no idea what to do next

Sitting here on a Friday night, all alone, fresh from an argument with my boyfriend, with a big glass of something stiff, tears rolling down my cheeks and make up smudged along the bed sheets, I have already taken to eating chocolate, listening to music, drinking the contents of the alcohol cabinet and am planning on a big workout later on, just to get myself out of this damned funk.

Here’s what you can do to feel better too.

1. Drink alcohol!
Just get lost in that never ending flow of spirits and liqueurs.
You’ll feel better afterwards. Promise.

2. Eat chocolate
If you’re on a diet or conscious about you’re weight, maybe this is a bad idea.
However, if you don’t care about your weight, head to the local store and buy a big box of the brown stuff. Let the flavours massage your tastes buds into stress free heaven.

3. Exercise
I was once told that feeling sad is like an addiction and needs to be beaten, so every time I feel like that, to exercise. It generally works but my legs ache so bad, it’s hard to feel like wanting to do it again.

4. Talk to someone
This always makes me feel better, when I feel like I have a companion and a friend who cares about me. Letting out all those bottled up feelings inside really does do you good.

5. Watch comedy
All it takes is one picture, one snippet from a show, one odd looking facial expression to get us giggling through our tears.
Just go looking and you’ll find the medicine you seek.

6. Drink alcohol
Did I already go over this one?

7. Do something you enjoy
For example, read a book, watch tv, play a game with someone, draw, dance, listen to music, watch porn, have sex, eat fatty food, sleep!
Do it, we are dying so why not take a chance?

8. Take a bath
If you have an empty house, hot water and a bath tub, it’s time to take the opportunity, fill it deep with hot water and lovely smelling bubbles, pop in your rubber ducky, bring your glass of wine, slip off your clothes and hop in to the pool of your dreams. Let the water wash over your skin and the aroma tickle your nose.
Let go of everything and everyone.

9. Get your butt outside and do some gardening!
This one always serves to take my mind off of what’s harrowing it.
It all becomes about making sure that the grass is in line and next doors cat poop is swiftly thrown back over to where it belongs….

10. Know that you’re not alone
Dearest friend, Iv tried to make this article as light hearted as possible. The most important thing to mind though, is that you’re not alone.
I am here for you and if I could be where you are, I would hug you, stroke your head and tell you that everything is going to be okay, because it will be. Promise.

Love you lots

Personal Freedom in 2014: Why you are entitled to it.

That picture? Yep, she’s naked.

Cheap shot? Maybe.

But behind the photo of that naked butt, is a reason for the photo of that naked butt.

You see, I am 21 years old.
I have been raised by a generation who have told me to get a job, follow the rules, don’t smoke or drink and don’t be a whore. They have practically made it easy for us all to rebel against the rules, because the struggle to be perfect and never break rules is simply unattainable.

Is it any wonder why Miley Cyrus spends her spare time swinging naked on a wrecking ball?

In an age where things aren’t so tough nowadays, and where we can all pretty much do whatever we want, when we want, it’s pretty hard to say “yeah mum, yeah dad, I’m going to get a job and go to work and be a good girl!”, when in reality, any and all of us can head to parties every night, travel the world on a budget, learn whatever we want and pick any career regardless of what the world thinks of it.

Even prostitution or ‘escorting’ is becoming widely considered a normal profession these days, though it was once considered the worst thing to do in the entire world.
The public used to look down at escorts and prostitutes because of the work they did.
Nowadays, I find myself shaking hands with women who tour the country offering their vaginas for rent, making a business and career out of their bodies, earning hundreds of thousands of pounds.
These aren’t ordinary desperate women looking for a way to pay the rent.
These are business minded women and as simple and plain as my life is, I actually find myself admiring these women for their courage, their business strategies and their desire to live a free life.

In my personal opinion, I love the fact that the world is becoming a place where we can talk about everything and anything.
Sex? No problem!
Homosexuality? No problem!
Drugs? Hey, no problem!

The world is becoming a place where we can all live free lives and we can live as abundantly as we want to.
If you want to work from anywhere in the world, you can do that!
If you want to work 9-5, you can do that too!
If you want to be a millionaire, you can do it!

The world is your own oyster and you can do with it, whatever the hell you want to do with it.

Isn’t it amazing? 😀

So yeah, this is my way of saying, “I AM FREE!”

I am free from worrying about what my weight is.
I am free from worrying about money.
I am free from worrying about who hates me.
I am free from being told what to do.

Finally, I am my own boss.
Finally, I can work on the beach, from my sun bed, with a cocktail in one hand and the iPad in the other.
Finally, I can be a success.

Finally, I am free.

How to…be a good person

As I have grown up, one issue Iv had has been prevalent and unrelenting in my mind.
Am I a good person? The answer to this question matters to me.

At times when I have been doing my best, I have doubted myself and at times when I have been acting up, rebelling and doing everything possible to upset others, I have believed myself to be the greatest person on earth.
I wonder why that is.

So, you see, as a much older, wiser and mature student of life, I keep a set of rules, or standards if you like, which determine whether I’m being a good person or not.

Here they are.

1. Be honest.
In the past, I have told lies and fibs. I have withheld the truth from people, like the time I took a bracelet and told my mum it was a gift from a friend, just to avoid getting a slap.
Lying causes so much damage everyday and it feels horrid to blatantly lie to someone’s face. They are asking for the truth and trusting you with their hearts, so why disrespect that? It says a lot more about the liar than the victim.

2. Help everyone out.
We can help everyone, from retweeting their business details to re homing an abandoned puppy. We all have the choice to make a difference in the world and those small changes add up to big ones, so choose carefully.
Helping others also creates a strong social circle for yourself, so if you value friends and family, do something nice for them. Show your appreciation of them. Be a good person.

3. DO NOT sell yourself short.
A lot of the time these days, I see young girls and women and even guys doing the “friends with benefits” thing. Often, one side of the relationship is totally hooked on the other and is holding out for when they are really going to commit to them. This is wrong. If that person wanted a relationship with you, they’d have committed by now. They would have treated you the way you deserve to be treated.
Mind this at work too and in other aspects of your life.
Do not agree to do anything other than what makes you happy.

4. Do you.
Be yourself, because everyone else is taken.
You, yes you, have something special to give to the world and only you hold the key to that. Only you can give it to the world, no one else.
As a person, it’s easy to follow the crowd because you want to be liked and accepted. But chances are, hiding your true self away isn’t going to make you happy and life is too short to be unhappy, so be yourself and let everyone else follow you for a change.
Value your body, your talents and skills, your family and friends, the people who treat you right and the things you enjoy. That’s what life is made up of.

5. Live well.
The key to happiness and being a good person is not made up of just one ingredient.
At some point, your health is going to become important to you.
Make time for yourself, exercise, eat well, try new foods, take crazy selfies and laugh!
You could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Would you regret not spending that money when you had the chance? Would you regret not going to Italy when you had the chance?
Grab life by the horns and don’t let regrets stop you from moving forward.

Best of luck on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

God bless


Photography Challenge: Day 10- Childhood Memory

Okay, so maybe this challenge is getting a little less about photography and a lot more personal.

In this very badly taken photo of photos, you will see a photo of my mother at the top.

This photo was taken a very long time ago, when I dare say, she was happy.
It is my favourite photo of her.
She has been through a lot of turmoil in her life and her smile has gradually turned into a frown over the years.
That is why I treasure the memory of her smile so much.

The photo below is of me and my siblings when I was a little girl!
There are four of us here, but one more child has been added to the mix since then.
In this particular photo, I hadn’t started primary school yet. I was in pre-school and so was sent to have a photo taken with my brothers and sister.

I am the little blondie second from the right, leaning against my oldest and biggest brother.
Yes, I am frowning. I remember how scared I felt sitting in front of that strange person with their big camera.
I lent against my oldest brother for protection and I couldn’t smile or enjoy the experience.
I was so shy as a little girl.

Well, there it is, a childhood memory.

What childhood memory do you remember the most?
Let me know.

God bless

Photography Challenge: Day 9-Someone I love

This is the man who stole my heart almost two years ago now.

Our story is going to sound very cliché, but nonetheless it is true.

You see, throughout my years growing up, from past experiences, I found it really hard to trust guys. I mean really hard. It was literally impossible.

My mind was filled with doubts and limitations to the relationships I had and so that always managed to affect my relationships in a negative way.

This man and I met August 14th 2012 in a bar for the first time.
I was attracted to his smile and his witty expressions, and the fact that he was really chatty helped, because I was so shy and trying not to come across as weird in any shape or form.

It took about a year for me to finally let him in, to finally be able to trust him with my life.

It may seem like a short time to some of you, but to me, it felt like an age.

Since then, we have been through a lot. The arguments and the ups and downs have been draining and stressful to say the very least.

But the fact that we have made it through up until now, the fact that we are still so in love, the fact that when we see each other, we are so physically close and so wrapped up in our own world of fun, and that we are so supportive of each others lifestyle, so respectful of each others boundaries and understanding of our emotions, makes it all worth while.

One day, I will marry this man.

If you have someone like this in your life, remember that no relationship is perfect and without the fights and the arguments, there would be no growth, no being able to work better with eachother, no improvement to the love you share.
After all, if you always stay the same, and nothing ever changes, wouldn’t it be so boring?

God bless
Stay positive


I’m back!

Hi guys,

Today is a good day!

You know why?

Because I’m back at blue sky bright sunshine!

Some of you may have heard that I moved over to a new site,, but unfortunately, the site has now shut down.

Well, with the money I spent on running the site and the high expectations I held of it, getting all the views and generating an income from doing what I love, a massive heap of pressure fell on shoulders.

I wasn’t thinking about writing cool stuff that I was into anymore.
It became about writing about things that would get viewers, which is not cool, because when I didn’t get hundreds of visitors everyday, I began to feel like a failure.

The experience became harrowing instead of fun.
I even began to doubt my ability as a writer.

So, the answer to my problem, was to head back over to my home at blue sky bright sunshine and continue doing something that I love, sharing my life with you.

I hope you didn’t miss me too much.

Hope to hear from you soon.

God bless


Dear Avid Followers

Today has been a great day for me personally.

I have moved from blogging as a hobby to blogging as a profession.

You will now be able to find me over at

Please follow me there for more of the photography challenge, vlog challenge and daily thoughts with more exciting projects on the way.

The new website still needs a few added adjustments but trust that they will be made over the next few weeks and your viewing experience will be greater than ever.

I appreciate all the time and effort you have spent on coming to for your weekly reading sessions and I thank you dearly.

I hope to see and hear from you on the other side at

Yours sincerely,

Photography Challenge: Day 6- Low angle shot

Here it is.
Day 6 of the photography challenge and we are going for the low angle shot.

I tried to get this as low as possible but nonetheless, I love this photo.
The colours really speak to me and believe it or not, this was not taken or edited to look black and white.

The good old natural English weather had that natural effect ready for me and it has worked really well here.

Hope you like it. Let me know what you think!
Comment below, like, follow and share with your friends 🙂

God bless

Photography Challenge: Day 5- A high angle shot

Where do I begin?

Without a doubt, this has been the toughest day of the challenge yet.
I have definitely struggled to find that ‘money’ shot.

The winner goes to a shot I took standing on top of a tree stump, looking downwards towards my feet.
I chose this one because when I look at it, my mind does a double take trying to figure out why it looks upside down.

Here are a few of the other photos I took on my quest to mastering the high angle shot.




I am a Lifestyle Blogger!

I started blogging at the end of February 2014.
At that point, I didn’t even know what a blog was.
As time passed, I saw that everyone has a specific topic to write about.
I saw blogs that promoted businesses, blogs that talked about fashion only, or food only, or technology only.

I began to feel like a fool, because I had set up a blog writing about random things, my own life and my own thoughts and it seemed like the other millions of bloggers all had something specific to say.

I was alone in my blog world 😦

After that, I decided to find my passion, my niche, my specific subject, so that I could join in with the rest of the world, writing about their foods, their clothes, their journeys and their newest piece of technology.

I thought about crafts, I thought about knitting, I even write a self help guide to be published as an ebook on the 16th of April this year.

As I was conducting my research, I came across an article, titled “Lifestyle bloggers VS Niche bloggers”.
I read through it and by the end, I had determined that I was in fact, a lifestyle blogger, and it made sense, because I love everything about life and being a lifestyle blogger means I can write about all of those things.

I can still inspire, encourage, enlighten and create laughter which feels good, because honestly, if I had followed the crowd and started writing about one thing, I probably would have got super bored within about 2 weeks.
My imagination and creativity would have got carried away and imploded by then, if I hadn’t found an outlet for all the cool ideas I have inside my head.

So here is my story.

I am a lifestyle blogger.
No, I don’t blog about how you can make money,
No I don’t blog about how you can wear the latest fashion and become the most popular girl in town,
No I don’t blog about what to eat or even how to get the best blog.
I blog about my lifestyle and my own thoughts.
Why? You ask.
Because I love me.
And I intend to make a success and a career out of myself.
What makes me different from all the other lifestyle bloggers?

They’re not me.