How to write a great blog article

As a proud lifestyle blogger, a writer and an author, I have the experience in writing articles that attract, enlighten, inspire and most importantly, poke fun.

A lot of great writers will tell you that to be a great writer, you have to read a lot, and while I agree with this, for the simple fact that it brings new creative ideas to light, I also advocate that there are other things you have to add to the mix in order to be seen and to be heard by your community of readers.

I read a lot of literature and am constantly reading news updates, tweets, emails and Facebook statuses.
I have a lot of creative ideas and most of them come to me in the most awkward of moments.
The best lines come into my head but at that time, I can’t always sit down and write it out, which is frustrating but I can’t ignore the people in my life more than I already do.

So, my solution to the problem is to write down the topic, the amazing lines I want to be seen and leave it for the next day when I can write as freely and for as long as I want to.

It’s great! I can store my ideas whilst also having real fun in real life.

However, the solution I came up with sucks. I mean it literally sucks.

Il sit down the next day, ready to type away my thoughts and feelings, only to find that the buzz has gone.

For example, I recently came across an inspirational quote on my personal Facebook page ( about a well known supposedly powerful woman named Sacajawea.

Being a home bred Brit, I thought “huh that’s cool. I wonder what Sacajawea is like”.
Instantly, I was hooked on finding out who this woman was and what she had done that made her so supposedly amazing and wonderful.
I researched and I took notes. It was late and I told myself, “hey, it’s okay, we can write this up tomorrow”.

Today, is tomorrow.
I have begun writing my post on Sacajawea.
It sounds something like this…’Sacajawea was born in 1788 and is best known for her assistance in the Lewis and Clark expedition’.


Even as I am writing the words, my mind is screaming at me “God damn, you have to do something to spice this up girl!”
But my buzz has vanished, gone, disappeared.

Do you want to write a good blog post?
My advice to you, is read a lot of words and when you get the great ideas, write them down, write everything you want to say, exactly in that moment, as it is, right there and then.
That’s what makes a good blog post.

Photography Challenge: Day 4- Something Green

I spent a lot of time racking my brains for something cool, something quirky, something creative to snap and publish on the photography challenge today.

Well, after a long car journey and some crappy photos, I went home.

I thought about arranging salad leaves into a sign that says ‘Green’.
My boyfriend suggested that I paint him green, so he can live his dream of becoming the hulk.

Later on, I went into the garden.
I was just casually trotting across the garden, walking around looking at the different plants when these two little daisies caught my eye.

I thought “huh, that’s a good shot”. I grabbed my camera and snapped it.
Out of all of the green photos I took, this is by far the best one.

So my hunt for something green wasn’t as adventurous as I’d hoped it would be but in the end, I came out with something much better, something that speaks to me, something that explains me.

It is simple, and that’s just the way I like it.

Photography Challenge: Day 3- Clouds

After a hot, clear blue sky kinda day yesterday, I was really hoping to capture a photo of an oddly shaped cloud today for the photography challenge.

When I was a little girl and even now sometimes, my little brother and I would just lay out on the grass, look up at the sky and point out funny shapes in the clouds.
We could find turtles, people, footballs, bananas and whatever else you can imagine.

However, I guess the sky isn’t really feeling it today.
The clouds have all bunched up trying to shield the sun from exposure.
Oh well, guess il have to postpone tanning until tomorrow.

The Liebster Award on WordPress

I have been nominated by g.m.beloin for The Liebster Award.

The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
Liebster is a German word and translates to ‘favourite’ meaning that the award would go to the most favourite blog.

I have been blogging since the end of February 2014, and am really proud to receive such a nomination.

On the day that I found out I had been nominated, I was feeling really crappy and was literally on the point of giving up.
I was basically telling myself, “what is the point of all this, why am I doing this?” And feeling completely dejected and hopeless about the entire blogging thing.

Then I got the email, and after finding out what the award was for, I didn’t feel so crappy anymore and in fact, I felt really good about myself and what I had done.

It taught me that, you don’t always need to see results to know that you’re going somewhere, so when you’re feeling hopeless and without a point, just keep going, keep doing what you love, and something good will come out of it in the end.

Now, I have to nominate 11 fellow bloggers who each have less than 200 followers and ask them all a set of 11 questions of my own choosing.

If you are an up and coming blogger with less than 200 followers, please contact me or comment below.
I will review your blogs and post my nominations at a later date.
Then I shall decide on the winner.

The questions that were asked of me by g.m.beloin are as follows, along with my answers.

1. What is your favorite childhood memory?
I would have to say, the day I went to Belgium on a school trip with my friends. We brought sweets and energy drinks on to the coach and after scoffing the sweets and glugging down the energy drinks, we became so hyper. It must have looked like we had been sniffing solvents. We went from giggles to hysterical laughter, daring each other to do stupid things and even using the coach driver’s microphone to give shout outs to all our favourite friends! It’s been about 9-10 years since that day and I still giggle every time I think of it.

2. Your last random act of kindness?
Cross stitching a ‘Have a nice dump’ picture for my boyfriend’s bathroom.

3. Why and when you started blogging?
I started blogging at the end of February in 2014 because I had quit my crappy job and decided to do something I was actually interested in. People around me have always said that I have a way with words, so I decided to take up writing and creating a blog was my first step towards making it a career. I have my first ebook being published on 16th April this year.

4. What is your guilty pleasure?
Chocolate. It’s always chocolate.

5. Do you collect anything?
I collect books, souvenirs from places I’ve been to, glass jars and bottles for crafts sake, unwanted materials, again for crafts sake and I also have a little memory jar where I write down everything I want to remember about the year on little notes. I screw it up and throw it in the jar, meaning to get them all out on New Year’s Eve, read through the good times and then either hoard them in a box in the loft or throw them in the fire.

6. The last book you read?
Anna karenina by Leo Tolstoy

7. Your biggest accomplishment?
Being nominated for the Liebster award!

8. What sort of things are on your bucket list?
Skydiving, bungee jumping, travelling the world and if not the world, maybe just Hawaii.
Teaching orphan children in a foreign country and helping with conservation projects in the third world.

9. When/where are you the happiest?
It’s a toughey. It’s between when I’m with my boyfriend playing table tennis or eating or when I’m in my corner, writing down my ideas and my blog posts.

10. Favorite place to eat and what do you order?
Every place is my favourite place to order food and it doesn’t matter what kind of food it is, because I will eat anything!

11. Your favorite quote or person to quote?
Everything will be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end.

So that’s it! Wish me luck in winning the award.
Remember if you are an upcoming blogger with less than 200 followers then get in touch and you could be nominated for the award next.

Please like, comment and share and don’t forget to press the follow button.

Much love

God bless

Photography Challenge: Day 2- what I wore today

Il be honest.
I spent the best part of my day in gym clothes.
A Nike vest and some Elle cropped bottoms.
They’re comfortable and it means I ca work out whenever I feel like it 🙂

But evening is nigh on approaching.
I have just showered and changed into what would have been my day wear.

A long purple top and some black leggings.
Very casual and not at all bright and loud. Just plain and simple.

I would usually spend the evening at my boyfriends house hence the shower and change of clothes!

So, there it is. What I am wearing today. In one photo.
Not giving in yet.

Welcome: A new era of getting rid of body hair

After meeting the girl with the most glowingest skin I have ever ever seen, and after my my quest to find out her divine skin secrets, I have been up to no good again.

This time, I am conquering the ultimate enemy. Unwanted body hair!

I have literally been stalking Pinterest posts all week searching for secrets unknown to the rest of femininity and I have finally found the answer.

Girls, do you want soft and smooth legs? No prickly bits and less effort to put in?

Then your answer is right below.

Shave your legs with baby oil!

It works a treat! Iv tested it several times and my legs are sticks of smooth softness and they’re really getting a good moisturiser out of the oil.

I always wash with shower gel afterwards using the baby oil, just to get off any residue and leave a pleasant smell behind.

Try it for yourself! Trust me, you can thank me later.

Please like, comment and share.

God bless

Writing Challenge: Writerly Reflections

My journey into the big world of writing first came about a short while ago.
I had been stuck in a job I hated for years and after a bout of depression, I threw in the towel and upon healing myself, I discovered a skill I had always had, but never utilised.

Growing up in the nineties, I loved the classics of the day.
“We’re going on a bear hunt”, “The tiger who came to tea”, “Where’s Wally?”, “Winnie The Pooh” and of course, “Find piglet”.
As time passed and I grew older, my literary tastes evolved and soon enough I was reading more advanced stories, such as “Harry Potter” and “Northern Lights”.
Soon enough, I was onto the classics such as “Villette”, “Crime and Punishment”, “War and Peace”, “Jane Eyre” and my all-time favourite, “Wuthering Heights”.
As a reader, I am very acclimatised to the Bronte sisters works, minimal as they are, but the stories capture my mind and enchant my world. I sometimes find it hard to adapt to other’s writing styles, from Bronte’s personal intimacy with the reader, to Tolstoy’s technicalities and formal opinions.

When I was ten years old, my parents bought me a typewriter for my birthday and my chief enjoyment from then on was to slide in a sheet of paper and just type away, listening to the “clink-clink” of the keys.
I would write about anything and everything and I especially loved keeping facts.
I once grabbed a folder, researched every breed of cat on the internet, wrote about it and filed away for future amusement.

I was the child, who kept everything secret to myself, for fear of others laughing at my works, as was likely in my rather large family of 6.

As an aspiring writer, just starting out on my exciting new journey, I hope to write books and guides, around self help, life issues, and stories concocted from my wildest dreams. I want to become a published author. Being known worldwide is of little importance to me, but to know that I did some good for someone’s life, is all I ask for in my picture of success.

I write every day, even if it just notes down what I need at the local grocery store or an appointment I must remember.
I keep a personal journal where I unload my mind’s worries and stresses, the things I have done and the things I wish to do and that helps me to decipher what’s really going on in my head, underneath all the mumble jumble.
When I write, it does not feel like work, rather it feels like having a conversation, but I am using my fingers instead of my voice.

I write to inspire, to support, to guide, and to practice.
What keeps me writing is the fact that, I can never fail, only I can try again and be better next time.

Try this writing challenge for yourself!

Arm Knitting: How to

I recently came across this idea on a craft site.
I must admit, at first, I was taken aback, but it looks awesome and I can’t wait to try it out this week!

Have you ever tried this?

Let me know if you have and how it went.
Share some pics with us of your finished product.

See you soon

Write my life

It all began 4 days after Christmas in 1992.
At 9:42, I squeezed out of my mums belly and I became Bethany.
My mum took me home with her and I lived in a big house with my two older brothers, my sister, my parents, and various animals including cats, dogs, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits and fish.

I had such a great childhood.
It was filled with lovely people such as my three nanas, my grandad and my huge families including numerous cousins and aunties and uncles.
My brothers, sister and I were always outside, creating mischief wherever we went, although there were the odd days when we would sit down and make perfumes from cold rain water and flower petals, or daisy chains from the green outside our front door.
We were always getting into trouble and often we would get punished for it.
I remember that I once took a bracelet from a store where my older brother had been to get new shoes.
Yup, I got smacked that evening.
But us kids were happy together and we had so much fun.

When I was nine, things started to go wrong and my dad flipped out and went totally crazy on us all.
I won’t go into too much detail but let’s just say, my siblings and I were made victims to the onslaught.
For years, the fighting and the arguing went on between us all and it saw my parents split and my childhood home vanish from our hands into the hands of strangers.
My achievements at school had gone from good to bad to worse. The girls I went to school with began to make fun of me and the problems I was having at home and at the age of 13, I dropped out of school altogether.

My mum, my siblings and I had moved several times since our parents split and we had found it extremely hard to make ends meet.
Some days we struggled to eat and struggled to keep warm. My mum told me that if I wanted a new coat for the snow, bearing in mind I didn’t have one, then I had to get a job and pay for it myself.
Even when the lock on our front door broke and we couldn’t afford to get it fixed, we had to leave the door hanging on the latch and my brothers would make sure no one would come in whilst we were sleeping in the night.
During this period of our lives, my mum had another baby.
My little brother Leo, who I adore with my entire being.

About that time, I started running off to London for weeks at a time, to escape the pain I was feeling at home. My sister was bullying me and my dad kept coming back to our home to threaten and hurt our mum.
I would meet strangers on the street and they would become friends.
I had a different boyfriend every two weeks and I rarely ate any food.
I was 14 years old.

On my final evening in London, I had been locked up in a house by a “friend”. She had left me there with two adult guys.
One of them threatened to take my belongings and force me to perform a sexual act on him at knifepoint.
Luckily though, the other male saved me from this ordeal and managed to get me out of the house and to the nearest bus stop for me to get back to where I was staying.

The next day, stunned at the event of the previous evening, I decided enough was enough, and I went back to my mums house.

I lolled for months.
By this time I was 15.
I didn’t get a job, I ate so much junk food, never exercised, watched tv all day and cried about how crappy life was for me.

When I turned 16, I was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery.
My spleen had spontaneously ruptured and I was dying from internal bleeding.
Somehow, by pure miracle and lots of amazing life saving people working in the hospital, I lived to tell the story.

It took a long time for me to get over the trauma of the event but eventually, I started to build a life for myself.
I learned new things, got myself a job, cared more about other people, made friends,
And I even got to travel to a few cool places like Italy.

The one thing that held me down though, was the fact that I had by then, developed a severe eating disorder.

After a couple of years, I was on the road to recovery and was aiming higher and higher and achieving more and more. My future looked bright. I was happy and healthy.

Then came the next blow.
My aunt, who had previously won a battle against ovarian cancer, had learned that the cancer had come back and this time, there was too little time to save her.
She went into a hospice and I remember our final meeting there.
I don’t want to go into any further detail from here.

I went to her funeral. I cried.
I still don’t feel like I have grieved enough for her but that will come in time.

Around that time, anorexia had relapsed within me and I began to control my food intake and exercise again, this time even more so severely.

I met a man named Lewis and about a month after we had begun dating, he asked me to be his girlfriend.
I said yes.

Almost two years later and we have had so many ups and downs but our relationship is definitely worth fighting for.

In recent months, I have been diagnosed with severe clinical depression and given medication to take for it.
I quit the job I was unhappy in and now I have no income.
I am happier.
But I am seeking a new life for myself.
I am seeking something better for myself.

To be continued…

I’m writing an E-Book

So, it has been a few weeks since I posted here at blueskybrightsunshine.

But I have been extremely busy working on new material for the upcoming e-book, “Life lessons from a 21 year old” which is set for publication on 16th April 2014.

It is my first publication and will be available on all major internet bookstores, such as, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and Amazon Kindle.

I have high hopes for this book and have been pouring my heart, soul and entire past into it, so I really hope that it is enjoyed by many.

It has been a turbulent start to 2014 for me, but with a little love and perseverance, day by day, I am learning and growing into a new, better version of myself and I can’t wait to share it with all you beautiful people.

Thanks for reading.


Boeing 777: Flight 370

Early this morning, I found myself looking out of my bedroom window, into the night sky.

I gazed at the moon, in all it’s brightness and splendour, and I looked at the stars and thought how pretty they were.

I heard the aeroplanes fly over several times during the night and It was enough to keep me awake.

Just recently, all we have heard about is the disappearance of the aircraft “Boeing 777: Flight 370”.
And then I found myself wondering, where is that plane?
Where are those innocent people?
What’s happened to them?

It’s been a week and a day since the flight went off the grid.
Are they without food and water?
Do they have no shelter?
How are they surviving?
Are any of them hurt?
Are they even alive?

Harsh questions, but questions that need to be asked, all the same.

I am hearing a lot of news reports that just say the same things over and over, or rather conspiring stories about what may have happened to the plane and it’s passengers.

And I see, that we are no where nearer to finding those hundreds of people, cut off from their families, living in fear, for God knows how long.

God bless you passengers of Flight 370.
May you return home to us soon, safe and sound.

Cheese Lover: Enter here

Let me introduce you to Queso Fundido-a dish of melted cheese with your choice of topping, made for your taste buds ultimate satisfaction.

Queso Fundido.
The fast growing Mexican snack made of pure happiness.

It is essentially cheese, melted in a skillet or pan, baked even, for 4-5 minutes in the oven, until soft and gooey enough for dippers to get their fill, with chorizo, peppers, sausage, bacon, whatever your choice, solely for your added pleasure.

Grab a handful of nachos or chips, scoop up your hot cheese and enjoy. Savour the tastes in your mouth and accept that this cheesy experience is pure bliss.

The fine line in a relationship.

So, this guy you’ve been seeing, is adorable.

He’s funny and sexy and quirky and all things amazing!

You have to make the best impression possible if you want to keep him right?

You wear make up at all times. Always have your hair done. You’re always wearing your best clothes around him and being as polite as humanly possible so he doesn’t get the wrong idea about your personality.

But what about in five years time, when you are possibly living together, sleeping next to each other, spending every waking moment with each other?!

Could you really keep up the pretence for the rest of your life?
Trust me girls, I have been there.

Consider this ladies.

In a healthy relationship, it is believed that one must not try to be someone or something that they are not.

I know, I know.

Many of us have fallen into this trap long before, and it’s almost dead certain that this will continue to happen long after.

If this ideal is you, beware that there is a line in your relationship.
When you cross that line, you will not give a pigeon what that sexy, funny, amazing man thinks of you in your sweats, “hair tied, chillin’ with no make up on!”

You’ll be strutting around in your baggiest jumper, your most comfortable sweatpants and the geeky socks you just can’t resist wearing.

That’s right.
The time will come when you must give up wearing make up all night long.
Washing your hair every day.
Plucking your brows to perfection.

Your funny, sexy and amazing man, doesn’t really care if you have a spot, unconcealed, right in the middle of your forehead.
He probably will point it out, but he doesn’t mind.
He doesn’t care if your legs are a little bit prickly, the day after “shave day”.
Again, he will probably point this out and if he is a nice man, he will probably tell you that he doesn’t care.
Because men know, nothing will ever be perfect.

I’m sorry ladies, but it’s true.
We can never be perfect!

Anyway, what about his annoying nasal hairs?
His hairy toes?
His bushy brows?
His icky toes?

Never mind.
My point is, in order to love your man, you have to love yourself.
And you have to be yourself. Every single part of your wonderful and lovely and weird, quirky self.
After all, we want him to fall in love with the real you, not the fake you.

God bless.

Disco Pants…The perfect party starter

Two words.

Disco Pants.

If you don’t own a pair, you’d better find some, fast!

Not only do they have a retro look and feel to them, they are colourful, snug and extremely attractive to pretty much anyone and everyone.

Perfect for a night out on the town with your girlfriends.

Word has spread and apparently, wearing these pants, can make you the life of the party.

So if you have a loud imagination and want to make a bright statement on your night out, go with these.
Promise they won’t let you down.

Job Title: Blogger. Pay scale: ANYTHING?!

Okay, so some of you may know that I recently quit my long dull boring day job to take up my dream of blogging full time.

I have this vision to transform this page into a business, doing something for others, selling useful and pretty little things.

But, as someone who is relatively new to blogging, and with minor business experience, even trying has gotten me nowhere, so far.

Do you guys make any income via blogging?
If so, how?
Is it possible to set up affiliate widgets on the free version of the WordPress blog?
What do you think of this idea?

Drop me a comment below.

Best wishes.

Mint green jeans…Fashionable or Ugly?

I recently purchased my very first pair of mint green denims.

I loved the look and the fit of them and thought myself a right little style stealer when I pulled them on.

I decided to wear them out one evening, but as time passed and the colour kept catching my eye, it seemed as though my legs looked bigger and I felt more and more conscious of what people thought of the look I had taken on.

Mint green jeans…Fashionable or ugly?

Asparagus…wrapped in Parma ham

Mmmmmm, Parma ham wrapped asparagus!
A delicious treat or a perfect side for your dinner.

Boil your asparagus in water, to soften, for around 10 minutes.
Take the asparagus out of the water and leave to cool.
When cool, wrap the asparagus in Parma ham.
Place on a tray and bake in the oven for around 20-25 minutes or until crispy.

When you’re satisfied with the cooking of your asparagus, plate up and enjoy!

The only person that can save you, is you.

Life is tough.

You get to a certain age and then everything is on your shoulders.

As we become more and more independent, we have to take responsibility for our own lives.

We have to accept that the choices we have made so far, have got us in the situation we are in right now.

And the only way we can change that, is to make a different choice.

We have to save ourselves.