10 things to do when you’re so sad and have no idea what to do next

Sitting here on a Friday night, all alone, fresh from an argument with my boyfriend, with a big glass of something stiff, tears rolling down my cheeks and make up smudged along the bed sheets, I have already taken to eating chocolate, listening to music, drinking the contents of the alcohol cabinet and am planning on a big workout later on, just to get myself out of this damned funk.

Here’s what you can do to feel better too.

1. Drink alcohol!
Just get lost in that never ending flow of spirits and liqueurs.
You’ll feel better afterwards. Promise.

2. Eat chocolate
If you’re on a diet or conscious about you’re weight, maybe this is a bad idea.
However, if you don’t care about your weight, head to the local store and buy a big box of the brown stuff. Let the flavours massage your tastes buds into stress free heaven.

3. Exercise
I was once told that feeling sad is like an addiction and needs to be beaten, so every time I feel like that, to exercise. It generally works but my legs ache so bad, it’s hard to feel like wanting to do it again.

4. Talk to someone
This always makes me feel better, when I feel like I have a companion and a friend who cares about me. Letting out all those bottled up feelings inside really does do you good.

5. Watch comedy
All it takes is one picture, one snippet from a show, one odd looking facial expression to get us giggling through our tears.
Just go looking and you’ll find the medicine you seek.

6. Drink alcohol
Did I already go over this one?

7. Do something you enjoy
For example, read a book, watch tv, play a game with someone, draw, dance, listen to music, watch porn, have sex, eat fatty food, sleep!
Do it, we are dying so why not take a chance?

8. Take a bath
If you have an empty house, hot water and a bath tub, it’s time to take the opportunity, fill it deep with hot water and lovely smelling bubbles, pop in your rubber ducky, bring your glass of wine, slip off your clothes and hop in to the pool of your dreams. Let the water wash over your skin and the aroma tickle your nose.
Let go of everything and everyone.

9. Get your butt outside and do some gardening!
This one always serves to take my mind off of what’s harrowing it.
It all becomes about making sure that the grass is in line and next doors cat poop is swiftly thrown back over to where it belongs….

10. Know that you’re not alone
Dearest friend, Iv tried to make this article as light hearted as possible. The most important thing to mind though, is that you’re not alone.
I am here for you and if I could be where you are, I would hug you, stroke your head and tell you that everything is going to be okay, because it will be. Promise.

Love you lots

Personal Freedom in 2014: Why you are entitled to it.

That picture? Yep, she’s naked.

Cheap shot? Maybe.

But behind the photo of that naked butt, is a reason for the photo of that naked butt.

You see, I am 21 years old.
I have been raised by a generation who have told me to get a job, follow the rules, don’t smoke or drink and don’t be a whore. They have practically made it easy for us all to rebel against the rules, because the struggle to be perfect and never break rules is simply unattainable.

Is it any wonder why Miley Cyrus spends her spare time swinging naked on a wrecking ball?

In an age where things aren’t so tough nowadays, and where we can all pretty much do whatever we want, when we want, it’s pretty hard to say “yeah mum, yeah dad, I’m going to get a job and go to work and be a good girl!”, when in reality, any and all of us can head to parties every night, travel the world on a budget, learn whatever we want and pick any career regardless of what the world thinks of it.

Even prostitution or ‘escorting’ is becoming widely considered a normal profession these days, though it was once considered the worst thing to do in the entire world.
The public used to look down at escorts and prostitutes because of the work they did.
Nowadays, I find myself shaking hands with women who tour the country offering their vaginas for rent, making a business and career out of their bodies, earning hundreds of thousands of pounds.
These aren’t ordinary desperate women looking for a way to pay the rent.
These are business minded women and as simple and plain as my life is, I actually find myself admiring these women for their courage, their business strategies and their desire to live a free life.

In my personal opinion, I love the fact that the world is becoming a place where we can talk about everything and anything.
Sex? No problem!
Homosexuality? No problem!
Drugs? Hey, no problem!

The world is becoming a place where we can all live free lives and we can live as abundantly as we want to.
If you want to work from anywhere in the world, you can do that!
If you want to work 9-5, you can do that too!
If you want to be a millionaire, you can do it!

The world is your own oyster and you can do with it, whatever the hell you want to do with it.

Isn’t it amazing? 😀

So yeah, this is my way of saying, “I AM FREE!”

I am free from worrying about what my weight is.
I am free from worrying about money.
I am free from worrying about who hates me.
I am free from being told what to do.

Finally, I am my own boss.
Finally, I can work on the beach, from my sun bed, with a cocktail in one hand and the iPad in the other.
Finally, I can be a success.

Finally, I am free.

How to…be a good person

As I have grown up, one issue Iv had has been prevalent and unrelenting in my mind.
Am I a good person? The answer to this question matters to me.

At times when I have been doing my best, I have doubted myself and at times when I have been acting up, rebelling and doing everything possible to upset others, I have believed myself to be the greatest person on earth.
I wonder why that is.

So, you see, as a much older, wiser and mature student of life, I keep a set of rules, or standards if you like, which determine whether I’m being a good person or not.

Here they are.

1. Be honest.
In the past, I have told lies and fibs. I have withheld the truth from people, like the time I took a bracelet and told my mum it was a gift from a friend, just to avoid getting a slap.
Lying causes so much damage everyday and it feels horrid to blatantly lie to someone’s face. They are asking for the truth and trusting you with their hearts, so why disrespect that? It says a lot more about the liar than the victim.

2. Help everyone out.
We can help everyone, from retweeting their business details to re homing an abandoned puppy. We all have the choice to make a difference in the world and those small changes add up to big ones, so choose carefully.
Helping others also creates a strong social circle for yourself, so if you value friends and family, do something nice for them. Show your appreciation of them. Be a good person.

3. DO NOT sell yourself short.
A lot of the time these days, I see young girls and women and even guys doing the “friends with benefits” thing. Often, one side of the relationship is totally hooked on the other and is holding out for when they are really going to commit to them. This is wrong. If that person wanted a relationship with you, they’d have committed by now. They would have treated you the way you deserve to be treated.
Mind this at work too and in other aspects of your life.
Do not agree to do anything other than what makes you happy.

4. Do you.
Be yourself, because everyone else is taken.
You, yes you, have something special to give to the world and only you hold the key to that. Only you can give it to the world, no one else.
As a person, it’s easy to follow the crowd because you want to be liked and accepted. But chances are, hiding your true self away isn’t going to make you happy and life is too short to be unhappy, so be yourself and let everyone else follow you for a change.
Value your body, your talents and skills, your family and friends, the people who treat you right and the things you enjoy. That’s what life is made up of.

5. Live well.
The key to happiness and being a good person is not made up of just one ingredient.
At some point, your health is going to become important to you.
Make time for yourself, exercise, eat well, try new foods, take crazy selfies and laugh!
You could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Would you regret not spending that money when you had the chance? Would you regret not going to Italy when you had the chance?
Grab life by the horns and don’t let regrets stop you from moving forward.

Best of luck on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

God bless


Dear Avid Followers

Today has been a great day for me personally.

I have moved from blogging as a hobby to blogging as a profession.

You will now be able to find me over at http://www.bethknows.org

Please follow me there for more of the photography challenge, vlog challenge and daily thoughts with more exciting projects on the way.

The new website still needs a few added adjustments but trust that they will be made over the next few weeks and your viewing experience will be greater than ever.

I appreciate all the time and effort you have spent on coming to blueskybrightsunshine.wordpress.com for your weekly reading sessions and I thank you dearly.

I hope to see and hear from you on the other side at bethknows.org

Yours sincerely,

How to write a great blog article

As a proud lifestyle blogger, a writer and an author, I have the experience in writing articles that attract, enlighten, inspire and most importantly, poke fun.

A lot of great writers will tell you that to be a great writer, you have to read a lot, and while I agree with this, for the simple fact that it brings new creative ideas to light, I also advocate that there are other things you have to add to the mix in order to be seen and to be heard by your community of readers.

I read a lot of literature and am constantly reading news updates, tweets, emails and Facebook statuses.
I have a lot of creative ideas and most of them come to me in the most awkward of moments.
The best lines come into my head but at that time, I can’t always sit down and write it out, which is frustrating but I can’t ignore the people in my life more than I already do.

So, my solution to the problem is to write down the topic, the amazing lines I want to be seen and leave it for the next day when I can write as freely and for as long as I want to.

It’s great! I can store my ideas whilst also having real fun in real life.

However, the solution I came up with sucks. I mean it literally sucks.

Il sit down the next day, ready to type away my thoughts and feelings, only to find that the buzz has gone.

For example, I recently came across an inspirational quote on my personal Facebook page (beth.booth.39@facebook.com) about a well known supposedly powerful woman named Sacajawea.

Being a home bred Brit, I thought “huh that’s cool. I wonder what Sacajawea is like”.
Instantly, I was hooked on finding out who this woman was and what she had done that made her so supposedly amazing and wonderful.
I researched and I took notes. It was late and I told myself, “hey, it’s okay, we can write this up tomorrow”.

Today, is tomorrow.
I have begun writing my post on Sacajawea.
It sounds something like this…’Sacajawea was born in 1788 and is best known for her assistance in the Lewis and Clark expedition’.


Even as I am writing the words, my mind is screaming at me “God damn, you have to do something to spice this up girl!”
But my buzz has vanished, gone, disappeared.

Do you want to write a good blog post?
My advice to you, is read a lot of words and when you get the great ideas, write them down, write everything you want to say, exactly in that moment, as it is, right there and then.
That’s what makes a good blog post.