Mint green jeans…Fashionable or Ugly?

I recently purchased my very first pair of mint green denims.

I loved the look and the fit of them and thought myself a right little style stealer when I pulled them on.

I decided to wear them out one evening, but as time passed and the colour kept catching my eye, it seemed as though my legs looked bigger and I felt more and more conscious of what people thought of the look I had taken on.

Mint green jeans…Fashionable or ugly?

Work less, Live more: How to create satisfaction in your life.

I recently came across a very talented person’s inspiring blog site.

This blogger, has a personal belief, to ‘work less and live more’, and I thought, that would be awesome!

So, what do you think?
Could you work less and live more?

Imagine it.
There would be no alarm clocks.
No uniforms or suits to pull on.
No need for the breakfast rush.
No need for the commute.
No need for the colleagues who put you down or the boss who orders you around like no end.

There would be,
Lots of parties
Lots of opportunity to try new things
More family time
Less stress
More personal choice
Less money
A simpler life.

The question you have to ask yourself is, “are you willing to trade your time, your life for your job?”
If yes, then that’s okay, read no more.
If not, then ask yourself “are you willing to trade your time, your life, for something that you love doing?”

Now, I’m going to take a wild guess and imagine that your answer to the last question, is yes.

The thing is, most of us are worriers. There is always the talk of money, when it comes to jobs, careers, giving it all up and finally doing what you love in life etc.

I mean after all, we all have bills to pay and families to keep.

Ask yourself, “what is it that I love doing?”, “if money, time, people, jobs, did not tie me down, what would I be doing right now?”

When you know the answer to this, ask yourself “how can I make money doing what I love?”

This could prove tricky for the imagination that has been cut off so many times, but the most amazing thing is, that it could be absolutely anything!

If you love to write, start a blog online and use affiliate marketing to bring in some cash.
If you love to exercise, offer your services as a trainer or set up weekly classes for everyone in the community, charging a small amount for each participant.
If you love to act, act out your scenes and put them on YouTube!
If you love to make yourself look gorgeous and pretty, do that, take pictures, offer yourself up to modelling agencies or vlog how you do it via YouTube.
If you love to garden, cook, walk dogs, sit at home all day and relax, whatever it is you love doing, you can make money from it!

So don’t worry about it, don’t have a baby!
It will all be okay.
You know why?
Because you’re doing what you love.
You’re ineffectually, living life the way you want to live it.
And because you love it so much, you give 110% to all of it.
Therefore, productivity is boosted.
Happiness is boosted.
Stress is sent away and people love that!
People love services and products created by happy productive people who love what they’re doing!

So if you’re worried about money, don’t worry, because chances are, if you enjoy life, money will follow you and magically end up in your pocket before you know it.

So go ahead, book that holiday to the Bahamas! Impregnate your wife! Buy a mansion! Buy a Lamborghini! Do whatever it is that you want to do.

Because you know, life is short.
At any moment, life could stop completely and forever.
And to regret life, is to have not lived at all.

Moon, stars…and something to remember

I remember, being a little girl and staying up late at night with my parents.
I remember, going outside with them and being swooped up into my mum’s arms.
She told me “look at all the stars, aren’t they beautiful!”
And she sang “twinkle twinkle little star” to me.

Since then, I have held the stars and the moon, in the highest regard.

Every night, just by chance, I look out into the night sky, wondering if the stars are out.

Just lately, due to the skies being clearer and less cloudy, I have noticed more and more stars, and without fail, each night, I have seen the moon shining so brightly in the sky that the light shines through my curtains and illuminates my bedroom in the most spectacular of ways.
Better than candlelight.
More magical than daylight.

I love it so, looking at which one star shines the brightest, which shines the smallest and which star is the biggest.
I love it so, to look at the moon and tell what shape it is, to know how bright it is and how big it is.

I have promised myself, that this year, I will do more stargazing than I ever have before.

It is my intention, upon a warm night, to grab our friends, blankets and chairs, light a fire in the pit, take our bottles of wine with us and our mallows and our toasts and our teas, and relax, laugh and reminisce together whilst we watch the sky, the stars and the moon.
That is going to be a memory to remember.