A new era

Time has passed since I last wrote to you all and for you all.

I must admit, it’s been hard to find the right time, in between my new job, dealing with my mental illness, my emotions, my physical health, managing finances and trying to have fun in between.

I found a job working part time, and whilst it’s not fulfilling my dreams of living my best life possible, it’s helping to pay my bills, keep my mind occupied, and also most importantly, to help someone else.

I came across an online course titled ‘Interior Design’ and because I have always loved decorating and have previously thought about a career in such a field, I decided to take a risk and jump in.
Needless to say, I have loved every minute of studying and reading and researching.
I still have a lot of course work to submit, but it am determined to get it done.
Still, I am bearing in mind that even this may not hold the key to my dreams, but it’s definitely worth the effort and the try.
What I am enjoying most about it is that, I am already thinking like a professional, analysing the characteristics of interiors and visualising changes I personally would make.

My beloved Lew and I recently went to the one and only fabulous Brighton for the ‘foodies festival’ which was amazing!
On return from that most wonderful day out, we decided that it should be time for us to book a real break, a proper holiday.
After much deliberation and organising of appointments etc etc, we decided on a luxurious break in Portugal.
A 5 star couples only kinda break.
It will be my first taste of real luxury abroad and I am so looking forward to another break from everything.

This year has been topsy turvy without a doubt so far, after my diagnosis of depression and PTSD, if it has taught me anything, it’s that looking after myself is of paramount importance.

We fly out next week and I will probably be away for a while, so until then my friends and followers.

Much love and take care of yourselves


Dear Avid Followers

Today has been a great day for me personally.

I have moved from blogging as a hobby to blogging as a profession.

You will now be able to find me over at http://www.bethknows.org

Please follow me there for more of the photography challenge, vlog challenge and daily thoughts with more exciting projects on the way.

The new website still needs a few added adjustments but trust that they will be made over the next few weeks and your viewing experience will be greater than ever.

I appreciate all the time and effort you have spent on coming to blueskybrightsunshine.wordpress.com for your weekly reading sessions and I thank you dearly.

I hope to see and hear from you on the other side at bethknows.org

Yours sincerely,