Photography Challenge: Day 6- Low angle shot

Here it is.
Day 6 of the photography challenge and we are going for the low angle shot.

I tried to get this as low as possible but nonetheless, I love this photo.
The colours really speak to me and believe it or not, this was not taken or edited to look black and white.

The good old natural English weather had that natural effect ready for me and it has worked really well here.

Hope you like it. Let me know what you think!
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God bless

Photography Challenge: Day 5- A high angle shot

Where do I begin?

Without a doubt, this has been the toughest day of the challenge yet.
I have definitely struggled to find that ‘money’ shot.

The winner goes to a shot I took standing on top of a tree stump, looking downwards towards my feet.
I chose this one because when I look at it, my mind does a double take trying to figure out why it looks upside down.

Here are a few of the other photos I took on my quest to mastering the high angle shot.