Top 5 annoying things on Twitter #ShutUp!

Since recently opening my very first Twitter account, I have become the Twitter addict. #Amazeballs!
I love Twitter right now and it’s great for growing businesses and networking in the online world.
But there are a few things that really get on my nut and get me all hyped up and make me write articles about how annoying it is.

Here, I am going to share with you, my top 5 most annoying things on Twitter. #HashTagWhat?

1. When you see high school kids talking about “you haven’t got a job because you left school without grades or a degree-stupid dumb ass!”

I just want to point out that even I left school without grades or a degree under my belt. While it’s great to do well in school, if a young person doesn’t do well in school it doesn’t mean that it’s the “be all and end all”, that their life is over.
Some of the greatest people you see left school without grades or anything and are now multi-million dollar making modules of success.
Don’t rely on school, kids!
It’s such a ridiculous assumption to make and it really angers me so if you could just stop believing that, it would be great.

2. Photos of naked women
This is a big issue on Twitter.
Hello, where are the naked man photos?
And the caption underneath which reads, ” damn, she’s got some cow titties”.
Yes, it is funny. But, it is disgraceful.
Let’s be real here, when did it become acceptable to post photos of naked women on our timelines, depicting and commenting on the shape of their bodies?
When will people ever accept that everyone is different but unique in their own way and no one, absolutely no one deserves to be discriminated against in such a horrific and disgusting way.
Ladies, if you want to send naked photos to a guy, make sure he’s the one for you first and that he’s not going to mess you around.
You can do this by doing a little something I like to call, WAITING. Remember to respect yourselves, because no one else is going to do it for you.
Men (notice that I didn’t use gentlemen in this instance), have a little decorum.
When you post those photos, no sane woman is going to look at that and think “hey that’s attractive, why don’t we go on a date with this guy?”.
In fact, it is disgusting, repelling and says more about you as an individual than anything else. #Sicko!

3. Racial or any other kind of discrimination
This is one of the main reasons as to why I personally ‘unfollow’ people on Twitter, because the one thing I pride myself on, is sending out an inspiring and hopeful message and the one thing I despise and loathe, is discrimination in any shape or form whatsoever.
For example, if you’re going to tweet “that girl so fat and ugly, that guy looks too white, that girl is so ratchet, that child needs to go on a diet, that b**** too black” then I can assure you that I WILL NOT be doing business with you, I WILL NOT be sending out your message to others and I MOST CERTAINLY will be deleting you from my ‘Followers’ list.
People, this is 2014. Isn’t it about time that we stopped hating on human beings as they are and started hating on wrongful messages and actions?

4. Direct Messages from random people saying “Hey baby, how’s your day going?”
When you click on their profile, you see that they have little to no followers and they’re profile picture is of a guy with extremely protruding eyeballs.
It’s just weird.
Please stop.

5. Those ‘people’ who follow you promising to make you a million dollars in six months
Look, I am not going to allow you to make money from me okay?
If I do your dirty work, you get paid, and I get-pennies. No way, Jose. Not going to fly.
So, no I don’t want to follow you.
No, I don’t want to subscribe to your newsletter.
No, I do not want to buy your package which is going to show me how to make money.
I know how to do it already!

Agh, vent over!

10 things to do when you’re so sad and have no idea what to do next

Sitting here on a Friday night, all alone, fresh from an argument with my boyfriend, with a big glass of something stiff, tears rolling down my cheeks and make up smudged along the bed sheets, I have already taken to eating chocolate, listening to music, drinking the contents of the alcohol cabinet and am planning on a big workout later on, just to get myself out of this damned funk.

Here’s what you can do to feel better too.

1. Drink alcohol!
Just get lost in that never ending flow of spirits and liqueurs.
You’ll feel better afterwards. Promise.

2. Eat chocolate
If you’re on a diet or conscious about you’re weight, maybe this is a bad idea.
However, if you don’t care about your weight, head to the local store and buy a big box of the brown stuff. Let the flavours massage your tastes buds into stress free heaven.

3. Exercise
I was once told that feeling sad is like an addiction and needs to be beaten, so every time I feel like that, to exercise. It generally works but my legs ache so bad, it’s hard to feel like wanting to do it again.

4. Talk to someone
This always makes me feel better, when I feel like I have a companion and a friend who cares about me. Letting out all those bottled up feelings inside really does do you good.

5. Watch comedy
All it takes is one picture, one snippet from a show, one odd looking facial expression to get us giggling through our tears.
Just go looking and you’ll find the medicine you seek.

6. Drink alcohol
Did I already go over this one?

7. Do something you enjoy
For example, read a book, watch tv, play a game with someone, draw, dance, listen to music, watch porn, have sex, eat fatty food, sleep!
Do it, we are dying so why not take a chance?

8. Take a bath
If you have an empty house, hot water and a bath tub, it’s time to take the opportunity, fill it deep with hot water and lovely smelling bubbles, pop in your rubber ducky, bring your glass of wine, slip off your clothes and hop in to the pool of your dreams. Let the water wash over your skin and the aroma tickle your nose.
Let go of everything and everyone.

9. Get your butt outside and do some gardening!
This one always serves to take my mind off of what’s harrowing it.
It all becomes about making sure that the grass is in line and next doors cat poop is swiftly thrown back over to where it belongs….

10. Know that you’re not alone
Dearest friend, Iv tried to make this article as light hearted as possible. The most important thing to mind though, is that you’re not alone.
I am here for you and if I could be where you are, I would hug you, stroke your head and tell you that everything is going to be okay, because it will be. Promise.

Love you lots