A week of blow jobs.

I would like to start out by asking forgiveness from those who know me personally, and from anyone else reading this, for the crudeness of the title and the topic of which I am going to speak.

The truth is, it’s that time of the month again.
Mother Nature has returned to give me that monthly gift, regardless of whether I want it or not.
I guess their are a few good points to that right like…I’m not pregnant! And…well…umm…okay so their isn’t much else positive about it.

My tummy hurts constantly, I’m irritable and their is a river flowing out of my body.
Happy happy happy!

Now, when this time of the month comes around, my partner and I prefer not to, you know, do that crazy thing young couples do when in love!

It’s just that it gets messy and it just generally isn’t very nice for either of us.
He’s looking at it and thinking “oh this is so gross” and I’m looking at him thinking “oh my god! He’s looking at it!”
So generally, we avoid sexual intercourse for a week or so, just enough time for me to get back to being a “normal, no more menstrual” woman for another month.

But, during this week that my lady parts are off limits, my partner seems to think it’s a great opportunity for me to practice my skills in another area.

Blow jobs.

Yep, I said it.

Just because he can’t give me the lovin’, it’s my turn to give him the ‘lovin’.

And so, as you can imagine, it’s going to be a long fricking week.